Five Songs Beyoncé Can Perform At The Super Bowl That’ll Have Us Jumping (And Screaming) For Joy

by (@emilyexton)

Beyonce Super Bowl Set List Poll

To satisfy those of us who don’t get our kicks from endless streams of NFL commentary and statistical projections this week, but rather leotards and big hair, Beyoncé is revealing more of his pre-game prep before Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show. In addition to a selection of fierce rehearsal photos that double as demonstrations on how to properly stretch, Bey posted a new video of her camp preparing for battle, set to 4‘s “Countdown” (yes, apparently “Countdown to Touchdown” is not just something that’s forced upon her when Pepsi execs are in the room).

Heels! Hair! High kicks! Last week we got a peak at what might just be Bey’s set list for Sunday night. It was Destiny’s Child heavy, but what about… everything else from her catalog? Reunions are great, but bring on the B solo material.

To put our own spin on the heavy analysis sports junkies are currently sitting chin-deep in, here are a few song suggestions that will have us screaming, finger-wagging and probably ugly-crying if she decides to use them.


Appropriate for athletic setting, and endorsed by Michelle Obama. Unfortunately we probably don’t have time for the “Extended Mix”–they do have a game to finish.


One of the rare 4 tracks that didn’t spawn an official music video, this is a complete showstopper live. Don’t believe us? See above.


From teens to the AARP set, this upbeat gem celebrates all ages, which should play well with the diverse Super Bowl audience CBS aspires to bring in.

4. “DIVA”

Even if she decides to (maybe) lip-synch again–temperatures should be warmer in NOLA, but you never know what can happen at these things–this is the perfect response to her inauguration critics. Oh, and if Jay showed up we wouldn’t hate it.


Beyonce Super Bowl Set List Poll

Don’t tease us, B.

She has to, right? While this will eliminate our chance to totally show off at our respective Super Bowl parties, it’s all we’ve been thinking about since she so casually mentioned she’s been working with Pharrell, The-Dream, and Justin Timberlake. We gladly welcome a Beyoncé overload in 2013, particularly when it’s presented for our convenient consumption, but if this is all in effort to promote a fifth album, please, pretty please, give us a taste already.

What do you want to hear Beyoncé sing on Sunday night? While you should feel free to shout these and any other suggestions from the rooftops–she’ll hear them–we’ve also provided you with a handy, dandy poll for you to (silently) voice your opinion, down below.

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