Nicki Minaj Has No Worries About Her Grammy Snub And Five Make Believe Reasons She Was Overlooked


Now that the Mariah Carey tiff is getting old (yes?) Nicki is releasing the cat off her tongue on the GRAMMY snub that led to a 30 day Twitter Sabbatical. When the Grammy nominations were announced and Nicki racked up zero, zilch, nada nods it was assumed Ms. Minaj was upset. Her Barbz certainly were. Only according to her she’s like her boss Weezy, “I ain’t got no worries.” 

Per Access Hollywood Nicki’s optimistic side concluded (with a laugh), “I’ve gotten tons of awards and I believe when it’s my time to get a Grammy, I’ll get a Grammy.” We’re not buying that she doesn’t think her time is now which leads us to her next point. “I think that the Grammys had a different reason, that I do not want to discuss …and that’s just between me and them. But I respect their organization and I’ll get a Grammy eventually. I’m not worried about it.” Plus when she’s overseas selling out shows, who cares about a Grammy? “But when I go to my shows and I’m selling out arenas in London, and when I’m in Australia and Japan, there aren’t any Grammys there,” she said. “There are human beings who I’ve touched.”

So the Grammys conspired against her for a reason only she’s privy to. Got it. Here’s five reasons Nicki thinks the Recording Academy overlooked Pink Friday number 18.

1. “Well, Barbz, maybe last year’s exorcism performance didn’t sit too well with, uh, anybody. I’ll do something more outrageous next time. Don’t believe me just watch.”
2. “The Grammys hate female rappers unless you’re that Iggy girl from Australia.”
3. “The other rappers I constantly son needed their time to shine. I’ll let them have their moment.”
4. “Mariah’s twins have dinner with the guys who sit on the board. The twins protested against me. Haters!”
5. “It’s Barbie, b*tch. Clearly the RA has something against Mattel.”

Nicki Minaj Isn’t Sweating Lack Of Grammy Nods [Access Hollywood]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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