What Will Beyonce Tell Oprah About Making Love To Jay-Z?


In case you missed it, Beyonce said making love to her husband calms her nerves. We’re not playing some sick joke on you. The notoriously private global superstar actually uttered those words in an interview, according to the Daily Star. And Mother Oprah is going to ask her about it.

Saturday a zillion people with HBO will plant themselves in front of the tube to watch Beyonce’s every move because when this woman blinks the world has to know about it. Immediately before Life Is But A Dream documentary airs, Queen Oprah worked her magic for a Next Chapter debut with the global superstar. Bey’s slowly shedding a very thin layer of her mystique by being a bit more open, and if anyone can pull anything from her that we don’t already know, O’s the woman for the job.

In the short clip O asks Bey about making lover to Jay-Z, how big the Carter family will be, severing ties with her father as her manager and the miscarriage. Nothing new here folks. How much depth she’ll dive into is still a mystery. But don’t go expecting the pass me a Kleenex moments we got from Rihanna. Bey’s not about that life.



New Clips: Beyonce on ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ [ET Online]

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