Friday Face-Off: Ja Rule vs. Foster The People

by (@fdot415)

Ja Rule and Foster The People‘s namesake, Mark, don’t have a birthday this year thanks to no February 29 on the Gregorian calendar this year. Our kind hearts (and fat fingers) can’t deny anyone an occasion for cake, so today’s Friday Face-Off goes out to those unlucky leap year babes. Should Ja’s “Always On Time” or FTP’s “Pumped Up Kicks” be more celebrated? You vote while we light the candles.

Team Ja


Ja Rule “Always On Time” – The U.S. government technically considers February 28 the birth date for anyone born on February 29. So, Ja is officially 37 as of yesterday. Too bad America also considers tax evasion a big deal, so the “Livin’ It Up Rapper” turned 9-and-a-quarter years old in custody as a gift from Uncle Sam. Here’s hoping year 9-and-a-half brings Ja more music videos with him eating Trix cereal prepped by half-naked groupies in a mansion.

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