Happy 26th Birthday Ke$ha! Let’s Look Back At Her 26 Freakiest Fashion Moments Ever

by (@emilieann_cruz)


It’s time to take a really quick break from our “Die Young” dance party to wish Ke$ha a very happy 26th birthday! And what better way to do that than with a gallery of her wildest looks?

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Simply put, nothing is off limits to Ke$ha (or as Chelsea Handler so hilariously said, “Ke-money sign-ha”), and with drinking her own pee on camera and outfits that make us double-take in the bad way, it’s safe to say that most of her decisions have left us thankful that her music is so damn good! Though we won’t be taking fashion advice from her any time soon – but if we were, we’re pretty sure she’d recommend tons and tons of glitter and body paint, a whacky head piece, a leotard, and the occasional Home Depot garbage bag – we still love the elite member of crazy fashion. So in honor of her birthday – and in addition to having “Die Young” in permanent loop – we’ve put together a gallery of Ke$ha’s most clinically insane looks. Check ‘em out above!

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