Breaking: Aaron Carter Can No Longer Beat Shaq In Basketball

by (@emilyexton)

It may have happened nearly 12 years ago, but we haven’t forgotten the time when little Aaron Carter publicly shamed NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal on his debut album, Aaron’s Party (Come Get It). Specifically, Shaq’s ability to ball, a skill which likely signed his checks and fed his family for 19 years (that, and his biting freestyle rhymes).

The two friend-foes met up again recently to settle the score, each looking to solidify their current image with even more at stake here in 2013. A retired NBA star, Shaq likely wants his former coaches, teammates, and fans to believe he could still dominate the paint if he wanted to, while the 25-year-old Carter is hoping to make a splash among today’s crop of pop princes, as well as end his search for that one special babe. (It’s always about the babes… check out his Twitter for further proof.) Aaron might be taller and have more tattoos these days, but he’s still an almost translucent dot when compared to Shaq’s menacing frame. Trash-talking about charity donations isn’t as fun as Honey Nut Cheerios references, but you know what is great? Shaq’s refusal to accept Aaron’s “rapping,” his ability to sign autographs one-handed, and the shout-out to your favorite ‘90s movie and mine, Kazaam.

It made sense for Aaron at the time; he was a burgeoning pop star with an already famous older brother he needed to separate himself from. Plus, white kids in overalls are always going to be criticized for not being “hard” enough, so why not try and school a seven-foot tall monster with four championship rings? We applaud the competitive spirit, AC, but you’ve already taken shots at Justin Bieber and insinuated you’re an original member of Destiny’s Child in the last 12 months alone. Now might be the time to take a page from Bieb and #focusonthemusic.

Aaron Carter and Shaquille O'Neal Rematch

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