High School Kid Channels Jason Mraz To Score A Prom Date (And Viral Fame)

by (@unclegrambo)

It’s been a hot minute since we were in high school —okay, okay, a hot decade (or two!)— but we can still recall the way our heart raced and palms leaked sweat when we were about to pop the “Will you go to Prom with me?” question. It was difficult enough getting up the nerves to ask the question in the pre-Internet era, so we can’t even imagine the stones it must’ve taken Centennial High (MD) student Bobby Chin to prepare a whole song, set to the tune of Jason Mraz‘s “I’m Yours,” as his proposal to his prospective date, Sofia — not to mention recording it and putting it on YouTube!

SPOILER ALERT: According to the New York Daily News, Sofia accepted this very boho proposal, which was personalized with references to french fries and Big Gulps. Of all Mraz’s material, we’re glad that Chin decided to base his song on the super romantic “I’m Yours” instead of, say, “You Fckn Did It.” And although we have no idea how Chin’s extremely chill guitar player ultimately fared with his own personal prom sitch, here’s hoping that he called in a favor from his golden voiced compadre Bobby and that both couples will live virally ever after.


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