Lady Gaga’s 100 Most Outrageous Outfits Of All Time

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Be honest, what was your formative memory Lady Gaga? Was it her insanely catchy tracks? Incredibly theatrical live performances? Her powerhouse of a voice? Yes, those are all awesome things. But if you were like us, the first thing you knew about Gags was “Whoa, this lady wears some crazy s—!”

And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Of COURSE there’s the infamous meat dress, but who else would wear a wax paper dress with a lobster on her head? Come on, who!? No one, that’s who. Lady Gaga’s style choices are just the most obvious display of her individuality and one-of-a-kind gifts to the entertainment world.

In the same way that you can’t get her songs our of your head, you won’t be able to get her bonkers outfits out of your mind. Will she run out someday? We’re not sure, but she’s still going strong and pushing the fashion envelope after four years! To honor Mother Monster’s 28th birthday, we’ve narrowed down her 100 (!) most outrageous outfits of all time. Enjoy!

[Photo: Splash News Online/Getty Images]

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