INTERVIEW: Timeflies Talks Working On Debut Album And Beyonce Conspiracy Theories

by (@emilyexton)

So what makes you swoon?
RR: Our fans.
CS: That feeling that I’m talking about? Key changes in old songs, the [SPCA] commercial with Sarah McLachlan–no, that’s a different feeling entirely. [It’s] that warm sinking feeling that you can’t really describe.

What else gives you that feeling?
CS: Did you see the Beyoncé documentary?

Yes, of course.
CS: So when she does “Love On Top,” the key change, and when she rubbed her stomach [at the 2011 VMAs] I was like, “God damn that’s so cool.”

And Kanye West is there congratulating Jay-Z?
CS: Yeah, yup. That’s “swoon.” Damn, that’s so cool.

Important: Do you think Beyoncé had her baby?
CS & RR: Yes, definitely.
RR: That’s the stupidest s–t ever. That’s so stupid.
CS: I think that’s crazy.

What do you think about putting your life on public display like that?
CS: I think for someone like her, a lot of her early years weren’t on display because social media wasn’t as prevalent. I think for people like us, it is all out there. But people still like to see it in a cohesive form–Justin Bieber‘s rise to stardom was pretty much televised and it’s still unbelievable to watch. People love to talk about celebrities, and the celebrity’s not there to there to defend themselves, so anything goes, and it spreads, and I think that sounds very unfair.

Have you heard rumors about yourself?
CS: Everyone just gets talked about. I haven’t heard any about me, how you heard any about you?
RR: They’re all true.

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[Photo: Andrew Zaeh]

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