INTERVIEW: Tyrese Gibson Is Giving Hope To The Hopeless With His New Documentary Film

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If you could go back in time and whisper anything into the ear of that little you in the documentary with the brown bomber jacket and the big smile, what would it be?

You have no idea what’s on the way. Just stay on your path and never question God.

You’ve mastered the art of dreaming big in spite of your circumstances — what’s the next big dream in the making for you?

There’s a four-part component to this Black Rose energy. I call it the Black Rose Universe I’ve created. So Black Rose is the name of my new album that’s coming in 2014. Black Rose is a double album—one side is going to be me singing, one side is going to be me rapping again with the Black Ty thing. We worked on this double album for 32 days and it was the most powerful thing I’ve ever done in my life. I captured it all on tape and we’re going to turn it into a seven-part making of the album type of deal, and this is going to happen right before the album is released.

And then I’m also doing a book called Black Rose. So that will be my third book. It’s going to be motivational/inspirational—kind of like what I’ve done with my first book, for everybody to be able to pick up and get detailed insight on life and challenges. The motivational and inspirational—this is who I am—I do this all day everyday and so now I’ve created a fan base between Twitter and social media and the way I write my books. People look forward to the motivation and inspiration that I bring because it’s not politically correct, it’s not safe, I just say exactly what it is and give people the raw insight, and then they just make whatever decisions they’re gonna make after.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I don’t really think that far ahead to be honest. The only thing I wish for is financial stability. I pray for financial stability and that way I get to operate and move in my truth. My truth is, if I ever get tired and I don’t want to do it anymore, I don’t want the fact that I need to keep making money be the reason that I keep busy. I pray for financial stability all the time because even though money can’t make you happy, I just don’t want to feel like I gotta keep doing shows, I gotta keep doing movies or I’m gonna fall apart. I don’t want that to be even factored in, I just want to say if I’m tired, if I’m exhausted, and I don’t want to go do what they’re offering then I don’t have to do it.

If you could make a promise to yourself, it would be to be more…

Humble. I always pray for humility…

With this documentary you hope there will be more…

Of an in-depth look into my life’s journey done by VH1 Behind the Music.

By the time your birthday rolls around in December, you want more…

Of these big ideas and visions to come to life. The world is an empty canvas waiting on NEW thoughts to THINK and I wanna create those thoughts.

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