INTERVIEW: Paramore Discusses Their “Weirdly Emotional” State Of Mind Just Before Their Big Album Release

by (@unclegrambo)

I loved your lyric video for “Still Into You” with the shadow puppets. Can you tell me a little bit about the evolution of that concept, as well as how you guys feel about the rise of lyric videos?

TAYLOR YORK: I feel like we always want to try and be as creative as possible. We don’t feel like we don’t ever do anything that’s so awesome. We’ve seen people make simple videos and we’ve been like, “Crap, why didn’t we think of that?!?” I feel like the lyric video was one of those moments that we’re like, “WE DID SOMETHING AWESOME! FOR, LIKE, NO MONEY!”

HW: He was filming it, he was lighting it.

TY: All while laying under the bed.

HW: His wife and I were doing the puppets, it was really fun.

With that said, what can you tell us about your quote-unquote “real” video for the song, which just came out today? (WATCH IT ABOVE.)

HW: I like it a lot. That’s it. (Laughs)

When we got [director Isaac Rentz‘s] treatment, it really stood out among all the other treatments we got. A lot people sort of went with what you’d expect for a love song. You see the boy and the girl, and there’s this story… But Isaac’s treatment had more to do with what it feels like, and using imagery and situations that aren’t really “real life” to depict that. When you fall in love, anything sort of seems possible, and you have those giddy butterflies. We were just really having fun with the idea of that, and what it feels like versus what it looks like and what it is. We didn’t want to show the dates and the typical last big kiss — On top of that, I didn’t want to kiss some actor dude.

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