INTERVIEW: Paramore Discusses Their “Weirdly Emotional” State Of Mind Just Before Their Big Album Release

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Paramore Bars Symbol Tattoo
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I noticed that you guys have a symbol now. What are some of your favorite symbols in rock history, and can you tell us why you decided to explore adding some visual iconography to your band’s identity?

HW: We’ve never had a logo, you know? Even the font that we use for our band’s name, we’ve kind of been changing over the last couple of albums. We’ve just never had one concrete thing that our fans could kind of use or whatever. We’ve always wanted it, but nothing ever felt natural or right, so we didn’t force it. As we were doing a Singles club—which was like this series of 7 inch vinyls that we put out, one song on each for fans to grab off our website—we decided we all wanted to get a tattoo together, because we felt really close. We didn’t even come up with anything, we just sat down with a tattoo artist on Warped Tour on our bus, just come up with something really quick. Then we came up with doing these bars.

200px-Black_Flag_logoIt’s really symbolized more in the negative space than it is the actual box that’s around it. The negative space is the three of us, and the bars and everything that makes up that negative space are all the people around us that have made Paramore what it is. Our fans, the people and our crew that we tour with, and our families. It’s fun, it happened really quick, and it means so much to us that we share this, and our fans share in it with us. It’s cool. Even like with this, we keep calling this the bars symbol, but my mind immediately goes to Black Flag when I think of the bars. They’re iconic! I can’t even count the number of times my friends have gotten that tattoo. I love that, and I love that we have something now that we feel is our own, and maybe our fans will get it, too. I’ve seen a couple of fans with this tattoo already, and it’s exciting.

Hayley Williams And Taylor Swift 22

In your song “Hello Cold World,” Hayley you sing that “22 is like the worst idea that I have ever had/It’s too much pain, it’s too much freedom what should I do with this.” And your good friend Taylor Swift also has an ode to 22 out. So, what’s so special about that age?

HW: Well, I’m starting to realize that it’s every age. 22 SUCKED. Taylor seems to be pretty positive about 22, but I did not like 22. That year was the year that everything fell apart within our band, so that was one thing. And I also felt like I was really trying to get a grasp on who I was; in my personal life, too. It just sucked! The whole thing just SUCKED. It was the WORST.

It’s funny, ’cause then I turned 23. And then we had a pretty amazing 2012, both for our band and for me. It was really fun, it was a year of rediscovery, and also figuring out who each of us are individually. I can look back at 23 and probably find things that sucked about that, too. (Laughs)

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