10 Crucial Moments In Thin Lizzy History

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Thin Lizzy Crucial Moments

Irish hard rock legends Thin Lizzy, who are the subject of this week’s Behind The Music: Remastered, were true badasses whose tomes of fighting and hard living were matched in real time brawls and drug abuse. And like all true tough guys beneath the rough exterior lay a sensitive heart, that of bass-wielding frontman Phil Lynott, one of rock’s most thoughtful and sophisticated song-writers.

Their driving songs featured some of the ’70s greatest guitarists weaving twin-leads around his story-songs and tales of doomed heroes and lovers. Casual listeners may only know their anthem, “The Boys Are Back In Town,” but their hardcore fans are legion and their popularity as hard rock icons is as strong as ever despite Lynott’s death in 1986. Here are 10 Crucial Moments in Thin Lizzy History.

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10. Fighting Album
Often overshadowed by the following year’s Jailbreak LP, Fighting is nearly as good and is the first true musical representation of the band. It’s all there, Brain Robertson and Scott Gorham’s guitars dancing around Phil Lynott’s tales of wild ones and hardmen. And the material perfectly fit the band themselves, who were known to get into their fair share of scraps and prove that their tough guy image wasn’t a put on.

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9. John Sykes & Lizzy’s Last Stand
By 1982 Thin Lizzy’s fortunes were waning thanks to years of hard living and changing musical trends though the entrance of young Tygers Of Pan Tang guitarist John Sykes gave them a crucial shot in the arm, no pun intended. The resulting final album, 1982’s Thunder and Lightning, was their strongest and most successful in years and proved that like the mythical Celtic hero Cuchulainn, Thin Lizzy would fight until the end.

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