10 Crucial Moments In Thin Lizzy History

by (@BHSmithNYC)

[Photo: Getty Images]

6. Dedication
You know you’re a true rock legend when they erect a life-size bronze statue of you in the middle of a major European city. Thin Lizzy frontman and guiding light Phil Lynott may have died in 1986 but his visage lives on in Dublin where the Lizzy faithful make the pilgrimage to see the “The Ace with the Bass,” as the statue is known to locals, and pay homage at his nearby grave.

[Photo: Mercury Records]

5. Live And Dangerous Double LP

The double live album was an essential part of 70s rock culture and commerce. But where other bands pushed the limits of your attention span with album-side length jams, 1978’s Live And Dangerous was a 17-song blitzkrieg of Lizzy’s best delivered with energy and precision. Also priceless was Lynott’s between song banter including his charming and lecherous line “Is there anybody here with any Irish in them? Is there any of the girls who’d like a little more Irish in them?”

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