10 Crucial Moments In Thin Lizzy History

by (@BHSmithNYC)


2. “Whiskey In The Jar”
This cover of a 17th century Gaelic folk song was Thin Lizzy’s first hit record and effectively put the band and Irish rock on the map. Released as a non-LP single in 1972, its rise up the UK charts annoyed the group who felt it didn’t represent their true sound. Metallica’s near note for note cover 25 years later earned them a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance.

[Photo: Mercury Records]

1. Jailbreak LP
Jailbreak is arguably the definitive Thin Lizzy album. They produced great records before and after its release, but the LP codified everything that made them great; the blend of hard rockers and thoughtful ballads, great songwriting and lyrics and excellent musicianship. It contains their biggest hit, “The Boys Are Back In Town,” and fan favorites such as the title track and “Cowboy Song” but deep cuts like “Angel From The Coast” and “Runnin’ Back” are just as good. The international popularity and long-term success of “The Boys Are Back In Town” cemented Jailbreak’s reputation as one of rock’s classic albums and Thin Lizzy as one of hard rock’s greatest bands.

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