10 Crucial Moments In Motorhead History

by (@BHSmithNYC)


7. Snaggletooth: The Original Heavy Metal Mascot
Artist Joe Petagno’s “cross-breed gorilla-wolf-dog,” known to fans as Snaggletooth (a.k.a the War-Pig a.k.a The Bastard) is one of heavy metal’s most enduring and recognizable images. It first popped up on the band’s self-titled debut album and has gone through countless variations, appearing on all but 2 of Motörhead’s 20 albums. Perhaps most famously, it is the graphic center-piece of the band’s iconic “Motörhead – England” t-shirts, which have been mandatory apparel for metalheads worldwide since the group’s inception.


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6. Motörhead Wins A Grammy
In 1976 readers of England’s New Musical Express magazine voted Motörhead “The Best Worst Band In The World.” Nearly 30 years later they won 2005’s Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance. Ironically, it was for a cover of “Whiplash,” a song by former disciples Metallica who have been known to play unannounced shows as a Motörhead cover band as a tribute to their heroes.

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[Photo: Getty Images]

5. No Remorse Double LP
This 1984 double LP “Best of” compilation served as many kids first proper introduction to the band and rates as high as their proper albums to many fans. Original LPs and tapes came in deluxe leather jackets and cases with Lemmy’s song-by-song commentary on the inner sleeves. It also featured the first recordings of the twin-guitar Motörhead lineup of Phil Campbell and Würzel, including the fan favorite “Killed By Death.”

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