Friday Face-Off: Snoop Lion vs. Kid Cudi

by (@fdot415)

Tomorrow is 4/20 so some of us will be celebrating marijuana’s (un)official holiday (looking at you Rihanna). For all you potheads out there, today’s Face-Off is between the artist formerly known as Snoop D-O-Double-G and Kid Cudi. Both artists go hard expressing lyrical adoration for herb in their songs, but they’ve also both quit the chronic at one time. Vote to tell us who you think loves Mary Jane more while we look for our green hat.

Team Snoop (Dogg) Lion

Snoop Lion “Stoner’s Anthem” – Remember that time Snoop said he was giving up weed? Neither do we. Since he rolled on the scene smoking endo as a Long Beach gangsta badass, Mr. Broadus has basically been the ambassador for marijuana for the entire the hip hop community. It’s only natural he would finally drop an all-out anthem. His kids are grown now, after all.

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