You Oughta Know Artist Gin Wigmore Kicks Up Grit, Excitement And Gravel & Wine In U.S.

by (@fdot415)


From chin up, Gin Wigmore looks like a sexy pop siren with her bleach blonde hair and bright baby blues usually made to pop by smoldering dark makeup. A glance down at the impulsively begat tattoos colorfully adorning her arms in a near-sleeve capacity and you could take Gin for a sexy punk rocker. But one listen to any number of tracks off her album Gravel & Wine and all of the notions of her music style and who she is go out the window (well, she’s still sexy).

When we saw VH1’s May You Oughta Know artist at some shows last month amid a whirlwind press tour sandwiched between a busy touring schedule that includes anticipated Warped tour sets this summer, we grappled with how to describe Gin’s sound. “It’s a little bit like Johnny Cash, meets Janis Joplin, meets Stray Cats,” Gin explained.

Gin gives a taste of Gravel & Wine through wines that share the same flavors.

We hear that. But may we also suggest Gin’s sound is a little bit like she used Ursula voice-stealing magic to snatch Macy Gray‘s arresting hoarse whisper and mated it with Amy Winehouse‘s soulful vintage whine to create her soul-pop, rockabilly tone. Adding to the confusion is the 26-year-old singer-songwriter’s acute accent from growing up around Auckland, New Zealand. Gin jokes that no one on this side of the equator understand her. Well, we’ll try to translate and clear up exactly how this tequila-shooting, pistol-mouthed, rock-soul-country-blues-fusion whirlwind came to capture the industry and fan attention.

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