How To Lose American Idol In Five Easy Steps: A Scientific Analysis!

by (@megsokay)

3) Sing Your Song Like A Karaoke Cover

Doing a great karaoke cover might get you laid on the weekend, but it will also get you booted off American Idol. In one of the earliest ever elimination shows, Alexis Lopez pulled a bad song choice hat trick when she sang a karaoke cover of Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Love For You.” In her defense, this was the very first season of American Idol and she had no way of knowing that you could change the runs on a song. Also, this was a pre-David Cook era where singers weren’t allowed to play the guitar or piano on stage. All that being said, if you watch this clip, the judges pointed out to her repeatedly that she sucked at song choice and she sucked at not making the song sound like amateur night on a Carnival cruise ship.

Don’t be a copycat. Be an original.

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