How To Lose American Idol In Five Easy Steps: A Scientific Analysis!

by (@megsokay)

4) Lose Your Voice

I’m not talking about laryngitis–though that too would be fatal for an American Idol contestant.

The nasty thing about American Idol is that sometimes the contestants really have no say in what they’re singing. There are theme weeks and songs they can’t get the rights to. Not to mention, in next week’s Top Three show, two of the songs will most likely be picked by the judges and the producers. Still, the singers have the ability to control not just the arrangements, but what will actually come out of their mouths on the live show. The worst thing a popular singer on American Idol can do is forget what their voice as an artist is.

The most disappointing example of this was when Chris Daughtry met Elvis Week in season 5 and Elvis swallowed him whole. Because Elvis’s sound originated from blues and influenced rock, the gritty rock singer could have rearranged his song choices to highlight the angsty origins of Elvis’s sound. Instead, he sang the song like a simple cover and lost what made him so different on the show–and what would make him famous after the show.

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