How To Lose American Idol In Five Easy Steps: A Scientific Analysis!

by (@megsokay)

5) Choose A Song You Can’t Sing

This should be obvious, but for some reason, some contestants on American Idol overreach. I mean, why wouldn’t they overreach? It’s a show where small town Americans can become superstars literally overnight. The whole show is about overreaching.

Anyway, some contestants either choose a song that is too big vocally for their pleasantly warbling voice, or they put themselves out there selling a song they have no emotional connection to. At this point in the competition, everyone has a magnificent voice, but if you can’t make the audience believe that you are emotionally connected to the message of your song, it’s not going to be a success. Compare how season six’s Leslie Hunt (above) botched “Feeling Good” due to vocal strain and a lack of confidence with how famous Idol runner up Adam Lambert (below) owned the song not just vocally, but with his sensational swagger.

So, in conclusion, if you ever find yourself on American Idol, stay away from Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder, rearrange the original melody to make it your own, don’t ever sing “A Little Less Conversation” if you want to be a rock star, and never, ever choose a difficult song like “Feeling Good.”

Or, disregard all these little rules, if you have the chops to be a star and know you can f*#king sell it.

But like seriously, DO NOT SING WHITNEY HOUSTON. If you want a power ballad, Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” has never gotten anyone the boot.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]


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