Guy Pumping His Gas Belts Out Unbelievable Version Of “Livin’ On A Prayer”

by (@unclegrambo)

Bon Jovi‘s “Livin’ On A Prayer” was originally released way back in 1986, but the nearly 30 years that have elapsed since its release have done nothing to diminish the song’s cultural significance. On Friday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, one of Jay Leno‘s minions surprised a California man who was pumping gas at a station in Burbank with a simple request: Would he like to do some karaoke while he pumped his gas? The man, who we only know as Will, said yes, and requested to sing “Livin’ On A Prayer.” Does he need the words? “No, I know ‘em, baby!” Well then, sing on!

It gets better! His ladyfriend, who sat laughing her ass off in the front seat while Will sang the living daylights out of the Slippery When Wet classic, hopped out of the car and treated the Pumpcast News anchor to a soulful version of the Eurythmics hit, “Sweet Dreams.” Never one to shy away from the mic, Will contributed some tasty backup vox.

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Gas Pump Bon Jovi

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