No “Dirty Laundry” Here: 20 Pictures Of Beyonce And Kelly Rowland Being BFF

by (@JordanRuntagh)

Kelly Rowland and Beyonce Being Besties

Kelly Rowland gave us a taste of her new album (out June 18th!) by dropping the new single “Dirty Laundry” this morning. But our delight turned to despair as we listened to the lyrics of the heavy track, and realized that it hints at a tenuous relationship, and jealousy towards “her sister,”¬†Beyonce!

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The song references her former band-mate achieving mega success on her own, and Kelly’s resulting depression from a love-affair gone bad as she fought to rise from the ashes of Destiny’s Child. It’s a brave and¬†bruising track. These ladies have been through so much over the years, and they’ve done so much together. Just look at these 20 adorable photos of them being total BFFs. Let’s get back to those less complicated bootylicious days, shall we?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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