Why You Can’t Miss The American Idol Finale Tonight

by (@megsokay)


 Regarding Kree Harrison…

After a video about the deaths of Kree’s parents and Kree’s performance of “Here Comes Goodbye” last week, Randy Jackson said “That was unbelievably beautiful…You hit just one big note, you don’t always have to hit every big note all the time to really connect with that emotion and really sell us and get us hooked into a song. That was brilliant.”

Mariah Carey added, “I absolutely agree that that was brilliant…but more than brilliant, I have to say, there’s something about you in general…I’m so in awe with the purity of you when you sing. There’s a realness like I don’t care what other type of airs other people put on…there’s something just so real about you that no one can take that away from you.”

After an earlier performance of “Perfect, Keith Urban said, “That song choice for me really only proves one thing and that is, for my ear, you’re a country girl. And it doesn’t matter what you sing, you know you’ve got those nice little trills in there and I love that about you. I love the fact that no matter what song you sing,  you have such a strong, signature sound and I think that’s important and I thought that was very apparent tonight.”

Nicki Minaj has Proposed marriage to Kree, or “Kreedom”, as she calls her, in the early rounds and has compared her voice to waffles. After her performance of “Perfect” this past week, she said, “I feel the quality of your voice is always filled with so much QUALITY. It’s always warm, sweet, pleasant to the ear.”

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