The 10 Weirdest, Wackiest and Most Weirdly Good Songs From Eurovision 2013

by (@megsokay)

10) The Most Weirdly Good
Nation: Denmark
Song: “Only Teardrops”
Performed By: Emmelie De Forest
Why You Need To Watch It: It begins with typical Eurovision cheese: over the top lighting effects, a tin whistle, a girl singing into a wind machine… However, the song is actually really, insanely good. Why? Well, it’s catchy and when you listen to an acoustic version (I did this. Shut up.) that strips most of the Celtic battlefield vibe out of the mix, you hear a legitimately beautiful pop song. Not to mention, Emmelie De Forest isn’t your typical Eurovision chanteuse. She’s lovely, understated and looks just like Emily VanCamp. And if you think I’m crazy, “Only Teardrops” came in first place in a Eurovision fan vote. Like, hardcore Eurovision peeps also enjoy this song.

So, there you have it. The ten must see performances and videos from Eurovision 2013. And we didn’t even show you the world’s craziest sideburns (from Italy) or the French Courtney Love or the 95 year old bassist from Switzerland!

Who will the winner be? Will any of these acts go on (or return) to glory? Does any of it matter? Basically, Eurovision is a wonderful thing filled with song and spectacle and silliness and occasionally, stars, and we should enjoy it as such.

And we should always remember ABBA.

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