15 Musicians Turned Reality Stars (For Better Or For Worse)



6. Ice T
Show: Ice Loves Coco
Aired: June 2011 – present
Outcome: Ice T went from west coast gangster rapper to his wife Coco making him sandwiches on their own reality show. If Ice did come out with another album, what would he even say? “Ice loves Coco/And that’s all you need to know/She’s my wife/We don’t always get it right/But hey, this is our life.” I mean…what else would he have to talk about now?

7. Rev Run aka Run of Run-D.M.C.
Show: Run’s House
Aired: October 2005 – July 2009
Outcome: Run-D.M.C are rap pioneers. Don’t let the black fedora and black bishop jacket Run rocks fool you. The reality show couldn’t make or break the legacy Rev Run made in the rap game. Thankfully it was a family show and he wasn’t involved in any shenanigans. Rev Run can sit back and chill forever if he wants since his kids are now making the dough.

8. Diddy
Show: Making The Band
Aired: March 2000-October 2009
Outcome: Yes, we are well aware that Diddy has done a number of reality shows post the Bad Boy golden era. MTB just happens to be the one most noteworthy. The 90s era Bad Boy may be long gone, but Diddy’s still making music and backing new artists like his chick Cassie or French Montana. Hopefully Cassie never had to walk the Brooklyn Bridge to get him some cheesecake.

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