The 10 Best Remixes Of Lana Del Rey

by (@sllambe)

Lana Del Rey Remixes

Some artists just sound better remixed. Case in point: Lana Del Rey. Her drawl works surprisingly well with a number of different sounds, including dubstep, ’80s synth, techno, even Jay-Z. Her songs lend themselves to the creative appeal of remix artists who have mastered taking her sound to a whole new level. That’s why she’s the first artist on our list to get the Remixology treatment. Listen to 10 of the best takes on the singer’s best songs, including “Video Games,” “National Anthem” and the Gatsby single, “Young & Beautiful.”

Bonus: Most of these can be downloaded.

1. “Young & Beautiful (Kulkid Remix)”

Originally written for The Great Gatsby soundtrack, “Young & Beautiful” is re-imagined for the Drive soundtrack with the addition of ’80s-inspired synths that gives the song an added layer of angst.

2. “Blue Jeans (RAC Remix)”

The Remix Artist Collective is known for producing stellar remixes. “Blue Jeans” is another shining example. Here, we get another ’80s-inspired sound but this time it’s more club-ready.

3. “Video Games (BALAM ACAB Remix)”

The surprise here is the all the whimsy added to what is normally kind of a drone of a song. It’s quirky but happy, more so than the original take on this track. This is perfect headphone music.

4. “Summertime Sadness (Hannes Fischer Radio Edit)”

The Berlin-based DJ adds a whole new sound to this trip hop ballad. Suddenly the song has a sneaky little bounce and an upbeat tempo.

5. “Born To Die (Woodkid Remix)”

The last song anyone would ever imagine hearing before going into battle is “Born To Die” let alone anything from LDR. But this drum-heavy take with the surprising horn section adds an extra punch to the singer’s lyrics (“Choose your last words, This is the last time, Cause you and I, We were born to die”).

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