Bad Romances: The True Stories Behind Ten Epic Break Up Songs

by (@megsokay)

“Yesterday” by Paul McCartney

The Story of the Song: When we think of “Yesterday”, we think of one of the most beautiful and most lovelorn ballads in history. McCartney delivers the heart-wrenching lyrics with the absolute sincerity of a young man who has loved and lost and loves on.

The Story Behind the Song: The melody for the song was literally composed in a dream. Paul McCartney fell asleep at girlfriend Jane Asher‘s house and in his dreamscape, he came up with the entire song…except for the lyrics. Once he figured out that he had in fact written a song in his sleep and not simply bit someone else’s song, he wrote lyrics about “Scrambled Eggs.” At some point, someone pointed out that no one wants to wax poetic about scrambled eggs (except for Dr. Frasier Crane) and McCartney came up with the tragic romance angle of “Yesterday.”

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