Bad Romances: The True Stories Behind Ten Epic Break Up Songs

by (@megsokay)

“F*$k You” by Cee Lo

The Story of the Song: Cee Lo Green created one of the most popular “feel good” break up songs when he wrote “F*$k You” or “Forget You.” The song tells the tale of a poor, jilted lover who was given the shaft by a woman in favor of a richer companion. The “F*$k You” is directed at the new boyfriend and the ex-lover. The catchy pop hook and the dismissive lyrics about the “gold-digger” make the narrator come out triumphantly on top.

The Story Behind the Song: Cee-Lo wrote this song with Bruno Mars and it’s not about any ex-girlfriend or lover. The “F*$k You” is directed at the music industry. In a video interview with, Cee-Lo explains–while reclining–that you have to court and be patient with the music industry just as you do when courting a woman. At the time that Cee-Lo wrote “F*$k You”, he was kind of over the music industry’s bullshit.

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