Tears, Truth, And Talent: A “Very Special” Evening With K.Michelle

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VH1 caught up with K after the show to get the scoop on Rebellious Soul and whether or not she and Mimi have settled their differences.

VH1: How did tonight’s show compare to your gig at B.B. Kings earlier this year?
K.Michelle: It was more pressure, I think, because it was my label. It was more industry people here than last time. I was a little tense but it was great to be on stage.

You didn’t seem tense at all…
Well you get up there, you gotta do what you gotta do.

How did it feel to hear everyone singing along to “V.S.O.P.”?
The single just hit radio this week. They knew all the words. It was amazing.

You’re so open with everything you say and do, has there ever been something a fan has done that’s truly shocked you or left you speechless?
They say weird things all the time. Nothing is too weird for me, I’m never shocked with it. This man sent me a picture of his penis the other day–that was weird.

Was it difficult making this album while you were filming Love And Hip Hop Atlanta?
Very. It has its pros and cons, you know? They needed me at the show, but I needed to do the album. It was juggling of time and everything like that but I took a lot of things to write about from it.

Did you share any of your material with any of your LHHATL castmates during the recording process?
[Stevie J and Rasheeda] aren’t really artists so I wouldn’t do that. I have mentors like R.Kelly and real musical people, so I would never go to them for anything.

Do they ever consult you about their musical projects?
I don’t want to hear that.

What’s the latest with Mimi?
We’re friends. I still don’t like her boyfriend–well, whatever he is–but she knows that and we’re there and I wish her the best of luck. I like picking with people, but it’s all in fun.

Is there anything from your personal life that you didn’t want to write about for this album?
No, I talk about anything. I probably shouldn’t, but I do.

Are we going to hear country influences on Rebellious Soul
You can kind of tell from the writing, but I think the second album, I’ll try to throw a little something in there. Right now I just want to give my fans what they’ve been really waiting for.

How does it feel to be in New York full-time?
I love New York. Anything’s better than Atlanta. It’s just time to go. It’s a great place for people, it’s just not for me. I did what I came to do there, now it’s time to conquer something else.

How do the music scenes differ?
The music scene used to be really popping in Atlanta, but everybody’s either gone to New York or L.A. so now it’s kind of dried up there.

Who are other artists you’d like to work with?
I really love Eric Hudson–that’s who I worked with on my album–I think he’s so musical.

“V.S.O.P.” really touches on how to make a date night “special.” What do you need to set the mood?
I’m simple–just relaxing, chilling and being around the person you like with a nice drink. That could be nice.

And your drink of choice is…
Jack Daniel’s, but I try to stay away from him now. No brown liquor or I can get a little angry sometimes [laughs].

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