Tip + Tiny Open Up About The Music Industry Gems They Drop On Their Kids

by (@Lacezilla)


Tiny’s biological daughter Zonnique is a member of the OMG Girlz, a 3-girl teenage group that’s heading out on tour with Mindless Behavior next month. Working to release the trio’s first album later this year, the 17-year-old they affectionately call Niq-Niq is already encountering fame and music industry politics.

“Even though she’s the oldest, she’s a baby,” Tiny told us of Niq, insisting that she does all she can to make sure her daughter stays on top of her stuff and on top of her game. “I try to give her insight of what could happen, what to do when things happen, what to try and avoid, and what to do better. She’s my best friend. We’re tight and we talk about everything.”

According to Niq, her relationship with her mom (who’s single-handedly formed the OMG Girlz’ in 2009) means the world to her, and she is equally grateful that her stepfather, rapper T.I., also has her back.

“Going to your dad for advice can be hard, especially for me, but really I learned that he has some of the best advice that I’ve ever gotten. Music he knows a lot about, of course. He makes sure we ask questions and that we know what we’re doing.” Giving her some hands on experience, Tip even took his Niq to one of his meetings at Atlantic Records.

“I went into a meeting with him where he was playing the music for his label. He was showing us pretty much how it goes before we even got signed [and] he showed us how to present your music. He’s always taking me to different places and telling me how it goes, getting me ready for it. I’m very grateful.”

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