Talk Shop: Kelly Rowland, Pharrell and Harmony Samuels Talk A Good Game

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When Kelly Rowland‘s fourth solo album Talk A Good Game drops tomorrow, don’t be surprised if you already feel familiar with its much buzzed about tracks. “I wanted what it felt like for me to turn on my stereo in the late ’80s early ’90s, when I fell in love with R&B and hip hop,” Kelly said. We walked through the making of the album track by track with producers Pharrell Williams, Harmony Samuels and Kelly herself to find out how she achieved that nostalgia vibe and why Harmony thinks she’s ushering in the new wave of ’90s R&B.

Forget Destiny’s Child, British phenom Harmony predicts Kelly’s Talk A Good Game is going to be one of the brainchilds behind bringing R&B back. “She’s really coming into her own so perfectly: she works so hard, she’s an independent woman she’s strong, she’s passionate, she has a mind of her own, she’s calling the calls and making the plays,” he said. “We call her ‘boss lady.’

Harmony’s not the only one foreseeing big things for Kelly’s solo career after the release of this album, either. Production giant Pharrell who already has two singles battling for #1 on the Billboard charts says Kelly hasn’t even scraped the surface of what she can do. “There are many different facets to her skill, tone and voice, so why her whole album is different, but my three humble contributions to that great album were completely different experiences,” Pharrell said. “She’s going to be a force for a lot of women with her approach.”


1. “Freak”

We couldn’t even begin talking about “Freak” without sweet, composed Kelly breaking out in a fit of giggles and blushing. The Danger-produced, Rico Love-penned uptown track practically pulsates with sexuality as Kelly growls over the beat celebrating everyone’s freaky side. “Doesn’t matter what [freak] is to you,” Kelly said. “It could be sexual. It could be how unique you are. It’s an anthem about the freaks.”

2. “Kisses Down Low”

It’s the song so nasty Kelly loves it. Nothing is hidden behind the lyrics Mike Will wrote. As K-Row put it, “There’s nothing wrong knowing what you want sexually. When you know, they know [and it] makes us all happy.”

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