Talk Shop: Kelly Rowland, Pharrell and Harmony Samuels Talk A Good Game

by (@fdot415)

5. “Down On Love”

Things got a little deep when Kelly discussed what she calls a beautiful love song about a relationship status that is stuck on it’s complicated. We hear you, girl.  Been there, cried that river. But don’t cry for Kelly too much, out of her heartache came a track she’s “in love with.”


6. “Dirty Laundry”

The Dream told Kelly from the outset that he wanted to “know what’s underneath it all,” according to the singer. “I feel like sometimes we skate on the surface as artists and we just organically started talking in the studio,” Kelly admitted. As everyone knows, a few of those non-music related conversations turned out an honest song, that left Kelly as exposed as she’s ever been as an artist.

Touching on everything from jealousy to domestic abuse in a beautiful 5:30 minute-long therapeutic release, the tune endeared her to thousands more fans who could now relate to the impossibly successful beauty they watched grow from Destiny’s Child to “a woman now twice grown,” as Kelly’s mother would say.

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