Talk Shop: Kelly Rowland, Pharrell and Harmony Samuels Talk A Good Game

by (@fdot415)

9. “Red Wine”

What do you do when you’re all out of ideas and you need another heavy hitting R&B groove to stack your album with? Well, for Kelly and her team, including hitmaker and multiple Talk tracks contributor Kevin Cossum, the answer was uncork a bottle of red stuff and riff in the studio. The fermented result is a vintage song reminiscent of the ’90s with an that lulls you into a groove like an aural wine upon first listen as effectively as chugging the real stuff. “‘Red Wine’ was a vibe in the studio,” Kelly said. “As soon as the music came on – thank God for Boi-1da – as soon as the music came on, everybody relaxed in the studio.”

10. “This Is Love”

The last song (out of around 70 tracks recorded) Kelly laid down for her album is also one of her favorites because of how everything from the lyrics to the arrangement acutely captures the feel of falling in love. Kelly gives all the credit to up-and-coming songwriter Myariah “Jane Handcock” Summers. “I remember looking at [Summers] like, ‘girl you did this,'” she said. High praise coming from one-third of one of the best selling girl groups of all time.

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