Kelly Rowland Talk A Good Game Singles Artwork Predictions

by (@fdot415)


“Down On Love”

Why You’ll Talk About It: Its real-talk honesty about the frustration we put ourselves through for relationships we know won’t last from that moment you laid eyes on his polo shirt-wearing, prosecco-buying face. Not that we’re speaking from experience…

When + Where To Bump It: During a bitch session with your girls about the rising epidemic of unsuitable men out there. You’ll swear off 5 a.m. booty calls after 10 spins of this track. Really, you mean it this time.


“I Remember”

Why You’ll Be Talking About It: Kelly balances the slight EDM grooves with haunting R&B ballad harmonies that you’re bound to get hooked on.

When + Where To Bump It: Blast it loud when you’re looking to rekindle that love lost or spark a new one.

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