Little Mix Chats About The Spice Girls, Kelly Rowland, The Movie Glitter And More!

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VH1: You all seem to be pretty down-to-earth. How do you still have time to be normal?

Jesy: Aw. We are still normal! We still get to do normal things apart from when we’re working. Obviously, when we’re working it’s crazy, but when we get our days off we get to do all the normal things that we used to do like our shopping, hanging out with our friends, just chill…so yeah.

Leigh-Anne: Like Jesy says all the time, it’s true, we don’t feel like pop stars at all. Like, we are so normal. Yeah, I think it’s good that we ‘re always going to stay grounded. We’re never going to change. We’re never going to be too big for our boots.

VH1: How do you handle all the scrutiny in the press about your personal life or your looks?

Jesy: I think, just literally, you’ve got to take it with a pinch of salt because it’s just what comes with this industry. Every single celebrity gets it and it’s literally what comes with it. So, yeah, you have to, like, water off a duck’s back, really. You just have to ignore it because at the end of the day any press—what’s the saying?

Jade: “Any publicity is good publicity.”

Jesy: Any publicity is good publicity, I say.

Leigh-Anne: It’s not just papers, as well. It’s like people being like haters or just being rude and horrible. And it’s like, we’re just going to continue to make music to make people feel better about themselves.

Jade: It’s better to be talked about than to be not talked about at all.

Perrie: Yeah, I think at the start it was hard because we’d never had it—

Jade: But it’s like normal girls, isn’t it? Like, if you’re on Facebook or on Twitter, having a normal lifestyle, even if you see one comment from someone, you can get really upset and like you don’t understand.

Leigh-Anne: Imagine that plus a hundred.

Jade: Yeah, and this industry magnifies it by a hundred and if anything, I think being in this industry has really toughened us up.

Perrie: Yeah, but you do it to be a singer, not to be scrutinized, and then you just have to realize that it comes with the territory and you just get over it, really.

Leigh-Anne: Everything has consequences and sacrifices.

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