Things That Make You Go Hmmm On Kanye’s Yeezus



What’s that you say, Ye? Indian hair no moccasins. No sports bra, let’s keep it bouncing. Whatever it is Kanye West means by these rhymes on Yeezus we’re laughing. Loudly. Because, who says stuff like this?

Yeezus isn’t what anyone expected. It is, though, unapologetically Kanye in all his unintentional humor glory. His sixth solo album accomplished all any artist could ask for: It made people feel a way. It was too misogynist for some critics taste. Others found it to be the ultimate mastery of pulling off his biggest stunt. We have our own thoughts on Yeezus, but we’d much rather shed light on all the verses that resulted in a hearty cackle. Is he serious? Is Ye trolling us with some of these bars?

What makes lines like “Hurry up with my damn Croissants” actually funny is the likelihood that Kanye in no way intended the album to be comedic. But it is. And we’re laughing.

Take my number and lock it in/Indian hair, no moccasins – “On Sight”
Is Indian hair different then Malaysian or Yaki? Yeezy’s into women with Indian hair, but leave your moccasins at home.

No sports bra, let’s keep it bouncing – “On Sight”
Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty ladies have Ye’s approval to let their boobs hang free at last.

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