Things That Make You Go Hmmm On Kanye’s Yeezus


Careless whispers, eye f*ckin’, bitin’ as*/Neck, ears, hands, legs, eatin’ as* – “I’m In It”
Is Kanye trying to tell the world he’s a fan of eating booty? No judgment.

Eatin’ Asian p*ssy, all I need was sweet and sour sauce – “I’m In It”
Because sweet and sour sauce is the perfect condiment for a little oral as long as it’s an Asian chick. Really, dude?


Uh, black girl sippin’ white wine/Put my fist in her like a civil rights sign – “I’m In It”
That sounds like it hurts. And like the Asian/sweet and sour sauce line we won’t even delve into how problematic this is.

Uh, they be balling in the D-League/Uh, I be speaking Swaghili – “I’m In It”
Swag must die so that Swaghili never lives.

Trying to get a baby, now you talkin’ crazy/I don’t give a damn if you used to talk to Jay-Z/He ain’t with you, he with Beyoncé, you need to stop actin’ lazy – “Blood on the Leaves”
Stop being lazy with what exactly? Getting a baby by a rapper? That’s not hard. Ask K…oh nevermind.

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