Four Songs We’d Love To Hear Kelly Rowland Remake

by (@fdot415)


Earlier this week Kelly Rowland confessed to us that her fourth solo album was meant to awaken the same late ’80s/early ’90s sound that made a generation fall so hard, two decades later we’re still asking who’s going to bring realĀ R&B back. So we asked Kelly to pick four songs from significant ladies of that era to remake if given the chance.

As she proved with her sexy-time playlist, Kelly has amazing taste. From Janet to Sade, Jill Scott to Anita Baker, we broke down the reasons K-Row needs to remake these pronto and perform them on tour. Vote to tell us if you think it’d be a Rowland Remake do or don’t.

Sade – “Kiss Of Life”

Why It’s Great: This single off platinum certified Love Deluxe became Sade’s seventh Top 10 R&B-charting song. You haven’t heard sexy saxophone until you’ve heard the sax-piano duet during the breakdown. The arrangement is the perfect backdrop behind Sade’s soft ad-lib wails before the bridge.

Why It’s Rowland: Kelly also has a rich and ethereal sound similar to “Kiss Of Life” which she showcased beautifully in the chorus of “I Remember.” Though the latter has a driving dance beat underscoring Rowland’s soft moans of “love” over the hook, you can still imagine that same honey-like belt pouring over Sade’s 1992 hit.

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