The 5 Tracks On Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail That Everyone Is Talking About (Including “Holy Grail”)

by (@unclegrambo)

Jay-Z Part II On The Run Lyrics

“Part II (On The Run) [featuring Beyoncé]”

When you first see a title like this, your curiousity is immediately piqued: “Part II” of WHAT, exactly? Well, in this case, it’s a sequel to Jay and Bey’s “’03 Bonnie And Clyde.” This track finds America’s royal couple on the run from the 5-0, and —spoiler alert— going down in a blaze of glory. Again, much like “Holy Grail,” this is not a celebratory track by any stretch of the imagination. Bey sounds as depressed as we’ve ever heard her (“Who wants that perfect love story, anyway?”), even while trying to convince herself that falling head over heels for a criminal is her life’s destiny (“And if loving you is a crime / Why do I bring out the best in you?”). And Jay seems resigned, much like Clyde Barrow, to go down in a hail of bullets.

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