The 5 Tracks On Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail That Everyone Is Talking About (Including “Holy Grail”)

by (@unclegrambo)

Jay Z Blue Lyrics

“Jay Z Blue”

Jay-Z sampling Mommie Dearest? WHAT? This out-of-left-field choice is, perhaps, the most “WTF” moment on the album (in a good way!). The song is about Hova’s relationship to his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, but it’s not as sweet and gushy like “Glory” or as optimistic as his pre-fatherhood track on Watch The Throne, “New Day.” Here, Jigga Man faces off against his greatest demon — his own insecurities. He admits his own fears that his relationship might crumble (without hinting that they actually are), just like his parents’ did when he was a little tot growing up in the BK. It’s a real and honest track, and full of the kind of emotional honesty that has made Jay-Z one of the greatest rappers of all-time. Oh, ps…


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