The Kid Is Not My Son: The 15 Most Controversial Paternity Cases In Music History

by (@JordanRuntagh)

Musical Paternity Tests

When you’re talking about the music industry, the term “fidelity” pretty much only refers to stereos and not romantic partners. We don’t know if ┬áthe allure of the groupies are just too great, or if rich rock stars are walking lawsuit magnets, but paternity suits drop about as often as albums.

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Some of the time it’s just total bogus spun by a lady trying to make a buck, and other times the stars just don’t want to man up (or at least wear a condom). In this day and age, there’s a quick and easy way to tell who’s in the right: DNA testing with daytime TV legend Maury Povich!┬áMaury has taken the time to appear with us today (in GIF form) in order to settle some of the biggest and most controversial child cases in music history. Head up to the gallery above for more!

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