The 15 Greatest Cartoon Bands Of All Time

by (@JordanRuntagh)

6.The Beagles: “Sharing Wishes” (seen on The Beagles, 1966-1967)

Meet the Beagles! Yes, it’s another tribute to the Fab Four, this time in canine form. But this duo had some truly killer Mersey-style songs that could have probably stood their own on early Beatle records (maybe). Unfortunately most of the master-tapes from the series have vanished, essentially making it a lost gem. But thankfully a few of their songs remain.


5. Jem and the Holograms: “Truly Outrageous” (seen on Jem, 1985-1988)

OK, we went with the theme song to this ’80s must-see, but we could have gone with about a zillion other tunes. The pre-Hannah Montana plot involving mild-mannered Jerrica Benton transforming into her rock star alter ego with the help of the “the ultimate audio-visual entertainment synthesizer” is pretty ahead of its time. In addition to all of the music the Holograms brought us, we were also treated to cuts by faux-bands like the Stringers and…


4. The Misfits: “I Like Your Style” (also seen on Jem, 1985-1988)

Yes, it’s the evil nemesis of Jem and Co! The Misfits were not actually misfits at all, but fronted by bratty rich-girl Pizzazz, along with Roxy and Stomer. We’d be hard pressed to decided whose songs are better!

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