The 15 Greatest Cartoon Bands Of All Time

by (@JordanRuntagh)

3. The  Bedrock Rockers: “What’s Your Sign” (seen on The Flintstones Comedy Hour, 1972-1973)

From the concept of a “comedy hour,” to the song’s title, and even the animation itself, everything about this clip is uber-’70s!  The Bedrock Rockers chimed in on every episode of this Flintstones retread with a catchy assortment of tunes which, amazingly, didn’t always have a lame stone-age pun crammed in.


2. Cattanooga Cats: “How Did I Ever Get So Lucky” (seen on Cattanooga Cats, 1969-1971)

Yet another musical offering from the drawing board of  Hanna-Barbera studios, this time in the form of hillbilly cats. But the songs are still awesome, so…sure, we’ll take it.


1. The Chipettes: “The Girls Of Rock ‘n’ Roll” (seen in The Chipmunk Adventure, 1987)

We remember seeing this movie (and the resulting animated series) as a kid, but it wasn’t until now that we picked up on the serious sexual tension between Chipmunk “front-rodent” Alvin and lead Chipette Brittany. Is that wrong? Does this make us a bad person?

[Photo: Hasbro/Nickelodeon/MTV/Hanna-Barbera]

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