Donell Jones On Growing Up And Getting Back to the Essence of Music

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Speaking of beautiful, that’s the title of the second single off the new album. How do you define beauty?

I say to a lot of people, you could be the most beautiful person in the world and still be ugly at the same time. It’s all about the personality. I wrote that song because most times when we meet somebody, we’re physically attracted to them first, but it has to be a lot more than that just to keep us there.

The song “You Know” contains the charged lyric “Sex is on my mind, I want it all the time…” and really explores the power of physical attraction. What made you go there?

I didn’t write the song – that’s the only song on the album that I didn’t write. But it’s written by Alija Kamillion. She’s a hot writer, she wrote “Pour It Up” for Rihanna, and I just had to have her on the album. She’s a great artist, she actually sang the “ooo la la” part on the [Closer] record. But I think the song itself is really basically just another message. Just guys, you know, sex is on my mind, I want it all the time, but I got a girl at home. Why do I keep telling this girl that I’m gonna change, but in my head I’m always thinking about all these women, so how can I actually change? So it’s really about either you gonna do this or you gonna do that – make the decision. You can change, but you gotta clear your head of all these thoughts that’s coming in about all these other women. It’s nothing when there’s all this variety and all these different women – there’s no attachment to that. And for me I’d rather be attached to someone that I’m going to share something like that with.

You share a special connection with Michael Jackson, so much so that you including a tribute record to The King of Pop on your album. Can you talk about that?

For me, Michael Jackson is just…that’s the reason why I do music. Being able to watch an artist like that and watch all the stuff that he’s done, not just as an artist but as a humanitarian, just being able to watch a person’s career go from where it went to banana-stardom, there’s really no other. And all the messages that he had in his music, that really inspired me to become an artist and be able to profess my love for some of the things l love in life, and do it through music. Because I think that as human beings we do have a purpose, to kind of help the generations along and put some good stuff out there so they have some stuff to look back on that’s good. Everything shouldn’t be sex, sex, sex. There should be some love involved in some of the things that we do. And I think that Michael showed that, so that’s why I wanted to write a record just professing my love for his artistry and for him being the person that he was.

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