VH1 ALBUM-VERSARIES: A Tribe Called Quest Reminisces About The Low End Theory At 20 (PART II of II)

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“I’m still trying to grasp that it’s 20 years, that’s crazy in itself!” remarks Phife toward the end of our interview. Amidst multiple laughter-filled outbursts, you can tell that the group’s close-knit energy is still extremely tangible, even after squabbles from before, during and after the taping of Beats, Rhymes & Life. Looking back on their connection, Jarobi would argue that it’s human nature for long-lasting relationships to hit conflict-laden speed bumps, and if they don’t, “Then what the f*ck are you doing? You’re not challenging each other at all.” Ali, on the other hand, has learned a different lesson from the last few years’ events, and wanted to leave the loyal Tribe fans with the following thoughts.

“What we’ve been going through specifically with the documentary, there’s so many behinds the scenes things that I won’t go into, but ultimately, the message is that when you have something that’s beautiful -be it a talent, what we do as musicians, it could be anything, you could be a writer- if you’re blessed with something, there are people who will try to deter you from that which you’ve been given. We come from our ancestors having [a] real great difficulty in this country, and there are people who will, for their own benefit, try to undermine everything that encompasses you- even going back 400 years. But believe in yourself, and try to align yourself with those people who are like-minded in your thinking, who encourage you, your beliefs, your dreams. Stand strong and firm, and remain faithful because it will pay off for you. It will, guaranteed, it will pay off for you. No one can hush what God has made to be.”

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