Robin Thicke Breaks Down Blurred Lines, Track-By-Track (Pt. 1 of 2)

by (@unclegrambo)

5. “Get In My Way”
WRITTEN BY: Robin Thicke, Projay, Max
PRODUCED BY: Robin Thicke, Projay
EXCERPT OF ROBIN’S COMMENTARY: “Nobody has really ever gotten in my way except myself. I don’t think anyone can get in your way except you, because if somebody does, you just make a right turn and go your own way. I’ve always struggled with that type of self-confidence, but this song and a lot of other songs I have written have helped me get through those periods in my life.”

Come back tomorrow to Robin Thicke’s Track-By-Track commentary on the rest of the songs on his new Blurred Lines LP: “Give It 2 U (feat. Kendrick Lamar),” “Feel Good,” “Go Stupid 4 U,” “For The Rest Of My Life,” “Top Of The World,” and “The Good Life,” as well as two bonus tracks, “Pressure” and “Put Your Loving On Me.”