Bach & Roll: 10 Modern Songs Written By Classical Composers

by (@megsokay)


Janet Jackson‘s “Someone To Call My Lover” is a rehash of Satie‘s “Gymnopedie, No. 1″

Erik Satie was a revolutionary pianist and composer during the Belle Epoque. Meaning that he partied hard at the Moulin Rouge and created music that sounds old fashioned now, but was revolutionary “noise” slightly over 100 years ago. Janet Jackson is one of the most prolific pop artists of the last two decades. How did she manage to keep things fresh? Well, for her 2001 hit, “Someone To Call My Lover,” Miss Jackson and her songwriting team changed the time signature on Satie’s “Gymnopedie No. 1″ from 3/4 “waltz” time to 4/4 “pop song” time. It makes the melody easier to listen to…and harder to identify as Satie’s. Oh, and the guitar riff is a sample of America‘s “Ventura Highway.”

“Someone To Call My Lover”:

“Gymnopedie No. 1″:


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