Bach & Roll: 10 Modern Songs Written By Classical Composers

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Perry Como’s “Catch A Falling Star”is from Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture

Perry Como‘s lovely and jaunty “Catch A Falling Star” has a way of popping up in kids movies and children’s choir scenes (think Anne Hathaway singing it inĀ The Princess Diaries), which is rather apropos since it’s stolen from Brahms‘ great thank you to the University of Breslau. So there is a scholastic influence, except Brahms’ work is intended to be a humorous collection of melodies the composer himself referred to as “student drinking songs.” So, it’s also not apropos. But please do sing “Catch A Falling Star” with your friends next time you’re drunk. It will be like time traveling to 1880 Germany.

“Catch A Falling Star”:

Academic Festival Overture(start at 4:24):

[Photo Credit: Disney and Wikipedia]

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