Countdown: 15 Ways Beyonce Kept It Real During Her First Headlining Show At Barclays

by (@JordanRuntagh)

10. Moved to a second stage, giving us in the cheap(er) seats a better view!

[Photo: C. Cefalu/VH1]

[Photo: C. Cefalu/VH1]

Yeah, our seats were kinda lame, but at least we got a good look for “Irreplaceable” and “Survivor” !


9. Didn’t bother with fancy underground passageways, just swung over the crowd on a harness.


She’s old-fashioned like that.


8. Got phallic during “If I Were A Boy”.

OK, maybe that was just our dirty minds playing tricks on us, but she did grab her crotch and make some kind of gesture with the mic. Sadly, we can’t seem to find a pic or vid to back us up. But while we’re on the subject…


7. The butt grabs.


There was lots and lots of self ass-slapping going on. And we do have photos of that!


6. Made “1+1″ even more sultry by performing it on top of a grand piano. 


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